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Tips to help avoid buying a used mattress.

Purchase your mattress from a Factory Authorized Dealer.

Manufacturers like Sealy, Serta & Beautyrest will have these dealers listed on their web sites.  Another way to verify legitimate dealers is to call the manufacturer for verification. While rebuilt mattresses will have a Yellow Law Tag,  second hand re-bagged mattresses may still have a White Law Tag or no Tag at all.


Be Sure that the mattress carries a MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!!  (Store and or individual warranties are meaningless.) If a mattress  does not carry a manufacturer's  warranty that's a Big Red Flag.  Second hand re-bagged  mattresses are typically sold "As Is". Often these mattresses are returned to the manufacturer because they are defective or because they are comfort exchanges and have been slept on for months or even years. Establish that the store selling mattresses can provide the Matching Box Spring .  If the box springs are not available,  this too is a Red Flag.  Remember that mattresses are exchanged for comfort, but box springs are not.

Never Assume that just because a mattress is in a plastic bag that it's new. Often used mattress are re-bagged and liquidated, sold as scratch & dents, overstocks, etc...  Be sure that the mattress has a White Law Tag sewn on to it.  This Law Tag is supposed to be removed when the mattress is returned for defects or comfort exchanges. Unfortunately, far too often someone forgets to remove the White Law Tag.  So, just because a mattress has a White Law Tag rather than a Yellow Law Tag, that alone doesn't prove that it's new, it's just a part of the verification process.

ALWAYS Have the person selling the mattress  PUT IN WRITING  on your receipt "Brand New-Never been slept on" and  sign his or her name to it as well. Anyone that's reputable will do so.

Remember -If it sounds too good to be true....

Visit The Georgia Department of Consumer Affairs (click link) for more information.

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